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Turn long, boring links into custom branded short URLs with analytics.

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Build a strong brand

Generic shortened links say nothing about your business. Use custom domains and make branded links that look good and can be trusted.

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Understand your audience

Boost your sales by understanding your audience. Use our analytics and logs to adapt to your visitors.

Manage successful campaigns

With our geo-location and referer tracking, you will know where all visitors come from and how they found out about your website. Use these features to target new customers and help your business thrive.


Simply view and edit all your links in one place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is. You can use custom domains to make your links more connected with your brand.

Yes. You can protect every link with a password to keep unwanted visitors away.

We keep track of every person that clicks your shortlinks. You will be able to see where they come from, what device they use and more.

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