How to shorten links with a custom domain

Custom domains and how to use them

What is a custom domain?

Using a custom domain means that your shortlinks will no longer have "" in them, but they will include your brand instead.

Take a look at this example: ❌ - basic shortlink - your website domain ✔️ - shortlink with a custom domain

As you can see, links with a custom domain look better and people will trust them more.

Subdomain or a new domain?

You have two choices when it comes to custom domains. You can either buy a new domain or create a subdomain on your existing domain.

You cannot use one domain for both your website and for shortening links.

Example: You have a website called Now you have two options:

A) You create a subdomain for your shortlinks -


B) You buy a new domain for your shortlinks -

Setting up a custom domain

To set up a custom domain, you have to edit the DNS settings of your domain.

Go to the DNS settings of your domain, remove all the previous records, and add these two A records that point to our server:

  • Hostname: @
  • Type: A record
  • Points to/IP address:

Now, the second one:

  • Hostname: www
  • Type: A record
  • Points to/IP address:

After saving the changes go to the dashboard and click "Settings" in the top menu.

Settings tab

Now click "Custom Domains" and enter the domain name (that you have configured) and click Save.

Great job! It takes up to 24 hours for your domain to get validated.

If anything goes wrong or your domain has still not been validated after 24 hours, feel free to contact us at


You will be able to choose between domain and your custom domains after they get validated. Creating a new shortlink will now look like this:

Creating a new shortlink after the user setups a custom domain.
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